ML Camp Jeju 2017



Jul 03, 2017

ML Camp Jeju 2017 Open Session

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Date July 10th, 2017
Participants 200+
Location Ocean Hall, Building unit 4 of College of Ocean Sciences, Jeju National


ML Camp Jeju 2017 Open Session


ML Camp Jeju will be hosting public Open Session on Monday, July 10th.

This event will be attended by about 20+ faculty from ML Camp Jeju participants and mentors.

You will hear keynotes from machine learning experts:


  • KyungHyun Cho, Professor at NYU

    Deep Learning, Where are you going?


  • Jeff Dean, senior fellow at Google (Google Hangout session)

    Large-Scale Deep Learning with TensorFlow


  • Joseph Lim, Professor at USC


  • Yerim Choi, Professor at Kyonggi Univ.

    Real Problems in Practical ML


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Note: The Open Session will be held in English.